Restaurant Branding: How To Brand A Restaurant Business


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Year 2018.

In this project visual communication takes place through illustration that is used as a central component of the identity. The focus is not on the catering purpose of the object, but the way the design plays with the striking, idiosyncratic and archetypal synonyms of the locality and sailors' stories.

For the restaurant Zaca, visual identity is guided from idea to realisation - by it's application to informative and promotional means of communication: menus, coasters, posters, staff uniforms, souvenirs. It also includes interior design and spatial interventions in the form of mural imaging. Project executors: Ivan Milas (art director), Segor Garber (junior designer), Helena Barbić (interior designer).

restaurant logo
branding restaurant: business promotion
How to design a personalized identity?
illustration for restaurant's wall
How to encourage customers and remember your brand?
What makes your brand successful?
illustration for restaurant's wall
illustration for restaurant's wall
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